Run Sheeda Run is a project of was founded in August 2010; a studio that provided a super fun, autonomous environment to a talented, creative team. 8 years later, has grown to a team of over 100 artists, content designers, engineers and QA analysts. is trusted by some of the best in the industry to create amazing art, design compelling content, test code and manage live-ops for titles with many millions of daily active users. PocketGems, Zynga, RockYou, Kiwi, Disney Interactive, Chillingo, Chimera Entertainment, Namco Bandai, Mighty Play, are some of the partners works with. is also an indie game developer and our games have been downloaded over 5M times across various platforms. A small team is at the heart of games and is focused on creating original, awesome, fun games. Our games have been featured multiple times by Apple and Google on their stores in various categories such as “Best New Games” and “New & Noteworthy”.


Follow the adventures of Sheeda and Chicken with our comics!


Run Sheeda Run

Run Sheeda Run follows the adventures of Sheeda and Murgha as they get into trouble with their two-bit antics and half-baked plans. Set in the town of Lahore, the story focuses on Sheeda’s everyday life with his friends, and family with a thorn in their side in the form of an obnoxious butcher hell bent on grabbing the chicken for himself, all but convinced that the talking chicken is magic and will bring him luck when slaughtered.


RSR Comics

Join Sheeda and Chicken on their adventures in Ajeebabad, a colony like any other in Lahore, except for the occasional ‘unusual‘ incidents that got it its name.

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RSR Game

Crank up the national anthem and watch Sheeda run amok through the alleys of Lahore!

Guide Sheeda as he saves his beloved chicken from a butcher who dreams only of making soup out of it.

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